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Tips for Hammock Camping

Related imageThere are a lot of ways to camp in the wild. Among all the types, there are very few ways that are more comfortable than spending a night in the woods on a hammock. You don’t need to forget your comfort for sleeping on a hammock as it is the most comfortable one.

If you are able to set a hammock properly, you can set it faster, pack it lighter and sleep better on it. In this post, I will give you some tips to set up your hammock for camping which is comfortable, safe and warm.


Hammock Camping Tips

Hammock camping is the most comfortable and easy way to camp in the woods and wild. Some professional tips can make your hammock camping experience much better. In the following post, you will find some important tips about this:


Setting Up Your Hammock




Some of you may think that setting up a hammock is a little difficult, but it is not. It is really a very easy process and even it is a lot easier than setting a tent. The more you will set a hammock, the faster you will become. I will give you a step by step instruction for setting a hammock.

Find The Right Trees

When you are looking for trees to set your hammock, it is better to choose sturdy trees that you won’t harm by dangling between. When you found trees that will not bend while setting the hammock, you have done with the job.

When you are not finding some proper trees around you, there is another way to hang the hammock. You can tie your hammock on boulders or any man-made objects. You can also find some hammocks that come with portable hammock stands to help you in these kinds of situations.

Place Tree Straps On Tree

You should place the tree strap around your eye height.If you see the ground is not even next to the trees, place each strap at the same level. On an uneven ground that will be at different heights. It is very simple and easy to wrap the strap around the tree and pass one end through the loop of the tree strap. You can secure the strap to the hammock with rope or carabiner.


Setting Up Hammock Tarp

Setting up a hammock tarp is not essential but it can come very useful during rain time or when under extreme sunlight.

You can find various shape and size of rain flies for a hammock. Though they are different in shape and size, they have a similar function and setup. All of them are supposed to be suspended over the hammock via a ridgeline. Each edge of the tarp is pulled over the ride-line tightly so that the fly is tight to prevent building up any water. There is a great way to avoid getting water flowing down the ridgeline and dripping over you and that is a drip line or water break. Wrapping objects around the line is another option that will break the flow of water down your line and to the hammock.


Connecting Your Hammock to Your Straps

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Be careful about one thing that your hammock should not be too tight or too saggy between the trees. A hammock which is too tight will pull the side walls very tight to your body. So, hang the hammock a little loose which will allow you to set up in your hammock comfortably. You will be able to get in and out of the hammock very easily.


Getting Comfortable

When you have set your hammock properly, it is very easy to get comfortable in it. When you hang it a little loose, you will be able to lay there in a 30-degree angle which is important for lying flat. You may also have a sleeping pad and sleeping bag with you for camping. A sleeping pad inside your hammock is a great way to maintain warmth and it will add a bit of padding on your hammock.

If you have some problems in your back, you can lower the foot end of the hammock by bringing the tree straps of that end slightly down.


Blocking The Bugs

You might be worried about bugs and mosquitos while camping on a hammock. There are some bug nets which are specially designed for hammocks. You can also buy one of those hammocks that come with a bug net attached with it. These hammocks are great and can protect you from all kind of bugs. As the net is attached to it, you cannot remove it when you really don’t need it. But you can flip the hammock when you don’t need the net. But if you find it annoying, you can buy a modular bug net. You can keep the bugs away from you by simply slipping the hammock into the bug net and strapping the net to your ridgeline.


Staying Warm

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It is not a matter of fun to sleep while shivering. To keep yourself worm on a hammock, you can use a sleeping pad or sleeping bag.Sleeping pads are able to store some heat which will keep you warm. Pads can create a soft feeling under your back on the hammock.

When you are willing to try out hammock camping, you can start out with a sleeping pad and bag combo to see how it feels in hammock camping. Though it will cost you some extra money but can keep you really warm during cold weather.



Hammock camping is a source of great fun and adventure. You can enjoy the full excitement of a wildlife camping. Some expert tips like I have described above can make it a great experience for you. Follow the tips and enjoy the complete joy and fun of hammock

How to String a Compound Bow?

Image result for How to String a Compound Bow?The compound bow is a modern and updated bow. It uses pulleys and stiff limbs that produces an extra force to shoot an arrow. One can make a more accurate shot with a compound bow than the traditional bows.

The compound bow is constructed with more complicated instruments and needs some skill to be maintained. Changing the strings at the right time is also needed for a compound bow. You may find it quite difficult to change the strings. In this post, I will show you some steps string a compound bow.


The process to String a Compound Bow


There are different ways to string a compound bow. Here, I will show you two of the popular ways to string a compound bow:

  1. Using a bow press and
  2. Re-stringing a teardrop bow by hand.

Below, you will find the details of these processes in some steps:


Using a Bow Press


A bow press is an advanced mechanism for re-stringing a compound bow. Let’s take a look at the process by using this mechanism:


Check the Old Bow String


At first, you have to check your old bow strings for any kind of damage or irregularities. If the old string has some serious faults or damage, it can break while you remove it and cause you serious injury. If the string is very badly damaged or worn, don’t take any risk and take it to a professional for restringing.

Select and Wax a New Bow String

Image result for Select and Wax a New Bow String

You can consult with an expert or the manufacturer about which string is safe and perfect for your compound bow. When you have the answer, you can choose from a variety of synthetic materials with different attributes.

Discard strings that have any bumps, cracks or other problems. Even a simple glitch can make the whole process dangerous and unsuccessful. You can rub bow wax over the string before you attach them to make it easier to attach and use. Make sure you are buying a bowstring and not a bow cable. Bow cables are for operating pulleys and they apply extra pressure to the bow limbs. They are not meant to shoot arrows.


Use a Double Pull Compound Bow Press

There are many compound bows that you cannot restring safely without a specialized bow press. It holds the bow in place and can bend the limbs inappropriate position. Bow press comes in many different forms and sizes. So, it is better to know what size and type of bow press are suitable for your bow.


Place the Bow into the Bow Press

Before doing this, there is a precaution, if you are not familiar with the particular bow press, don’t try to do it alone and consult with an expert. It is important to avoid any injury.

Most of the bow presses will require you to loosen the weight adjustment bolts on each limb. It may have restraining arms that can lock over the bow. There are also some bolts that tighten the bow’s limbs in right place. You will also find a series of locks over the limbs and handgrips. Loosen your bow always by alternating limbs with each turn. Do this with both limbs otherwise, there is a risk of breaking the bow and cause an accident.


Remove the Old String First

If your bow has a teardrop attachment point, string it while the old string is still in the place. On the other hand, if your bow doesn’t have this kind of attachment, you should remove the old string before attaching the new one.


Thread the New String Starting with a Cam

Image result for Thread the New String Starting with a Cam

 If your bow has no teardrop system, then you can follow this step. Just loop the string under the cam and back over, slot it into the groove. For two cams, do the same in reverse on the other cam too. Loop the string around the idler wheel if it is a bow with single cam.


Re-tighten the Bow and Slowly Remove it From the Bow Press

Now, make the bolts tighten to their original settings position. Do it one after one by alternating. Release the bow from the bow press slowly. Make sure the strings are properly seated in the correct grooves. If you see any little problem, immediately stop, fasten the machine again and adjust the string again to the right place.


Re-string a Teardrop Bow by Hand

Another process of stringing a bow is by hand. It is possible only when you have a teardrop type bow. Let’s see the process in some steps:

Identify Your Bow for Eligibility

At first, you have to identify your bow whether it is eligible for this process or not.The only compound bow that is eligible for this task is the bows that are older in the model and has a teardrop-shaped attachment for the string. It has two grooves to hold two strings at the same time. It allows you to use the old string to keep the bow in the right position while attaching the new string. You cannot re-string any compound bow by hand unless it has an old string present.


Loosen the Limb Bolts Slightly

To loosen the bolts, turn the top bolt counterclockwise one turn. It will loosen the limb. Repeat the same with the other bolts to slightly loosen the bolt.


Step on the Old String and Lift the Bow

Hold the bow with your one hand and step on the old string. Lift the bow which will make the limbs flexible. Don’t pull back the bow in full draw length because you will only need to flex the limbs and take it close enough together to attach the new string.


Slip on the New String

A teardrop bow has two grooves on each limb. One groove with the old string and one is empty. Slip the end of the new string over the empty grooves carefully. Make sure they are attached firmly and strongly.


Remove the Old String

Now it’s time for removing the old string. To do this, lower the bow gently to normal position. Now, step on the new string and draw the bow slightly towards you as you did before. Now, slowly unhook the old string from each teardrop.



A string is the most sensitive part of a compound. It goes through very intense pressure and force. Due to these actions, compound bow strings should be changed after a certain period of time. You can do this task by yourself by following the techniques I have described above. Make sure you follow the basic safety measures to avoid an accident and from any damage. If you are not so sure about doing this, it is better to consult with a professional.

When to Change Your Bow’s Strings and Cables?

Image result for When to Change Your Bow’s Strings and Cables?Archery is a very famous sport in the USA and all around the world. Shooting arrows from a bow is something meditative for the archers.

When you shoot from your bow, the bow’s strings and cables go through incredible stress and pressure. The string releases the arrow from the bow and propels it into motion. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to do this. Once the arrow is flying, the string starts to oscillate very violently before it comes to the rest. So, after taking this huge amount of stress, the strings start to lose their’ lifetime. Then it is necessary to change the string of the bow. But sometime you may find it difficult to find the perfect time of changing the string. In this article, I will tell you the time to change your bow’s strings and cables.


Proper Time to Change Bow’s Strings and Cables

There are some signs that show you that it’s the proper time to change your bow’s strings and cables. In the following post, you will find when to change your bow’s strings and cables.


When Change is Needed

Image result for When to Change Your Bow’s Strings and Cables?

Archers must inspect their bowstring and cables before every time they use it. If you see the bowstring looks dry or fuzzy, simple waxing can resolve the issue. However, if you see any bowstring strandsare looking frayed or its serving has separated, you might need a new string.

You may also have to change or replace the string if your bow has tuning or performance issues. Strings can stretch over time, and it can affect your bow’s timing. You can see most modern compound bows have visual reference points on their cams. They are called timing marks. If you notice these marks are off, it’s time to take your bow to a pro shop for a professional inspection.

If you have recurves and longbows, you’ll feel the effects of a stretched bowstring when you draw the bow. A string which is toolong can cause slight reductions in draw weight, making the bow feel soft.A bow tech expert will take the measurement on the specific places on the bow, and compare it with the initial specifications. In this process, he can find out if your bow has gone out of tune due to the stretched bowstring.


How to Prolong String Life?

If you take proper care of your bow and use it averagely, a set of cables and bowstrings should last two to three years. You can properly maintain your bow by regularly waxing your bowstring to prevent it from drying. You can apply wax and spread it into the string fibers with your fingers or you can also do it with a piece of leather, which will warm the wax so it can penetrate into the string. Waxing your strings will increase the life of your strings.

The place where you store your bow affects the bowstring’s life. Choose a place where the temperature remains consistent. Try to avoid hot places for keeping your bow such as car trunks. If you have to carry it in the car trunk, try not to keep it there for a long period of time. Remove the bowstrings of recurve and longbow while storing them to relive the tension.


Change the String and Cables

Image result for Change the String and Cables

You will need a bow press and a professional who knows how to do it properly and safely. When you want to buy a new set of strings or if you are not sure about your string’s condition, it is better to visit a pro shop to make sure it is done properly. When you are about to change the string, you can choose your preferred color. It is a special benefit of replacing the bowstring.


What to Do After Changing?

Most of the bowstrings of these days are pre-stretched by the manufacturer. But you will still need the break-in periods. You need to shoot with the new strings 100 to 200 times for break-in and it will make sure that you have finished stretching. After you break in your strings, you can make a final tuning and timing inspection.



There are some technical things to notice for determining the time when you need to change the string of your bow. You have read these things above. There is a very easy and useful way to understand the time and that is, when you will feel you are not getting the proper result from your bow or the string is feeling loose on the bow, you can be sure it is the time. You can also inspect to find some visual defect on the string to select the time. So, when you find the perfect time, never be late to change the string. Shooting with a damaged string cannot give you perfect result and it can be also dangerous.




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